Envision a Safer and Smarter World

Delivering Turnkey IoT
Solutions for Public and Private
Sector Use

Envision a Safer and Smarter World

Create Safety Through
Connected Insight and
Actionable Alerts

Envision a Safer and Smarter World

Rapidly Deploy IoT to
Transform Operations 

Envision a Safer and Smarter World

Eliminate CapEx of IoT Deployment
with IntelliSite’s Smart Community
as a Service (SCaaS) 

Who is IntelliSite

IntelliSite delivers outcomes for
our customers across IoT, Safety
& Security, and Computer Vision.

Industries Benefiting from IntelliSite
  • Cities and public venues

  • Healthcare

  • Energy

  • Hospitality

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

Our Solutions

Core Technology Offerings

IntelliSite combines cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud-based management within an IoT platform.

Heuristic Based Monitoring

IntelliSite’s hMB, a solution within IntelliSite’s Condition Based Monitoring offering, combines thermal cameras, artificial intelligence and cloud-based management to recognize individual elevated body temperatures to create actionable outcomes.

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Smart Community as a Service

IntelliSite’s Smart Community as a Service (SCaaS) brings immediate value to local communities across the country as an affordable monthly subscription. Delivered as a cloud-based or on-premises solution, IntelliSite SCaaS addresses the needs of today’s communities with the latest state-of-the-art safety and security monitoring solutions.

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Remote Monitoring & Management

IntelliSite’s Remote Monitoring and Management (rMM) is a core offering to ensuring the safety and protection of assets at IntelliSite’s customers. IntelliSite’s rMM provides 24/7 monitoring of customer sites with a professional security team that can remotely engage with individuals involved in unlawful activities and escalate the situation with onsite security or contact local law enforcement agencies.

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IoT Solutions

IntelliSite’s turnkey IoT Platform extends the value to any organization and affiliated partner. IoT solutions are inherently complex with many moving parts in its hardware, software, connectivity and services components. IntelliSite’s IoT Platform enables use case-based solutions that provide value to organizations “out of the box.”

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Safety and Security
at the Edge

Safety and Security
at the Edge

IntelliSite’s ability to process and aggregate collected data into meaningful information allows organizations to become proactive in their actions. IntelliSite Safety and Security solutions allow situations to be monitored in real time and appropriate action to be taken.

IntelliSite’s Turnkey Solutions and Process

IntelliSite is with you every step of the way. IntelliSite will help you plan, design, implement and operate your IoT, Safety & Security, and Computer Vision deployments.

How we do it
  • Design

    IntelliSite delivers best practices in designing customer specific IoT solutions.

  • Procurement

    IntelliSite sources all of the materials necessary to deliver a turnkey offering.

  • Installation

    IntelliSite works with third parties to ensure each installation is successful and expectations are met.

  • Management & Maintenance

    IntelliSite’s managed service offering ensures that customer’s solutions are maintained & performing the tasks that they were created for.

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