IntelliSite and Alameda County: Partnering to Clean Up the Streets

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Illegal dumping is a huge problem for many cities. Being able to monitor and cite city residents who don’t responsibly dispose of their waste, with reasons ranging from cost to convenience, is extremely difficult.  

Northern California, specifically Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and Santa Clara County, has had an extremely difficult time enforcing illegal dumping regulations. In fact, the city of Oakland (part of Alameda County) was spending more than $8 million dollars per year dealing with illegal dumping. Associated costs include increased Waste Management department activity, supported dumping locations, and additional staffing to deal with cleaning up streets.   

Alameda has taken this very seriously, with Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley being quoted on their website, saying: 

“Illegal dumping is an environmental justice issue that disproportionately affects disadvantaged communities and impacts the sense of well-being of all who live and work in neighborhoods where it is rampant. Unscrupulous commercial haulers, as well as individual violators, illegally dispose of construction debris, mattresses, and trash of all sorts, wreaking havoc on the environment, ruining neighborhood streets, and forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab to clean up the tremendous amounts of garbage dumped on city streets, highways, parks, and in our waterways. Dumping ‘hot spots’ become breeding grounds for vermin and impact public health.” 

To help address this issue, IntelliSite and the District Attorney’s (DAs) Office partnered with private businesses in the area where illegal dumping was rampant. Business owners were frustrated with the lack of cleanliness in the area and its impact on their business. IntelliSite, the DAs office, and business owners worked in concert to strategically place cameras where IntelliSite’s AI-enabled cameras where IntelliSite’s DeepLogic software could identify trigger events, such as a car illegally parked or activity in an area of frequent illegal dumping through IntelliSite’s DeepInsights analytics dashboards. 

With the deployment of IntelliSite’s IntelliCare Guardian service, Oakland received 24/7 personnel support to respond to IntelliSite’s DeepInsights alerts to confirm when a car parked, a person got out of the vehicle, and something was left or dumped on the street. Confirmed alerts were flagged for law enforcement and incident reports with pertinent information and video snapshots were provided for each incident  

The illegal dumping initiative continues to gain steam, with city officials from Fremont (also part of Alameda County) looking to work with IntelliSite. Since programs are organized and approved by county, we’re seeing more cities like Freemont being proactive in requesting budget funds for illegal dumping prevention. 

IntelliSite will continue to be on the front lines of fighting illegal dumping, with Contra Costa County and Santa Clara County having secured funding to collaborate with IntelliSite on setting up solutions for their cities.  

Illegal dumping is a serious concern that has far-reaching implications for cities and communities. We’re thrilled to be providing our innovative hardware and software solutions to help curb a senseless and expensive crime. 

Learn more about our Remote Monitoring and Management service by visiting our IntelliCare Management Services page, schedule a short demo, or connect with an IntelliSite rep.  

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