IntelliSite and the City of Riverbank: Driving a Safer and Secure Community

November 10, 2020 / AIhBMIoTMegaTrends SeriesSCaaSTechnology

Keeping a city safe and secure should be one of the highest priorities for city managers and officials, but it’s easier said than done. With so many elements at play, coupled with limited resources, putting an effective strategy or plan in place can be very difficult. However, technology is making it easier, as showcased by our work with the City of Riverbank, CA.  

Riverbank started working with IntelliSite in Q1 2019 to boost the overall security of their downtown area. Officials were debating whether to install cameras or expand law enforcement staff to meet demand. The city decided to bring in IntelliSite to complement their police department, recognizing that IntelliSite’s AI-enabled SCaaS Solution for Public Safety would enable their security force to run more efficiently and effectively by providing intelligent data and tools.  

We’re proud to say that since the program started, IntelliSite has generated 3,500 alerts for stolen vehicles and amber alerts.  

Using IntelliSite, Riverbank has seen a number of benefits, some of which include: 

  • Increased Efficiency: The combination of hardware + software features acted as an extension of on-the-ground patrolling, being able to recognize potential threats in the area, and diffuse situations without physical intervention.  
  • Improved Community Service: An elderly woman with dementia got lost in the city and, instead of dispatching officers to search for her, the police department used IntelliSite’s DeepInsights analytic capabilities to track her movements throughout the day in order to find her current location. This was accomplished within hours 
  • Added Accuracy of Information: A fatal car crash occurred the day before Christmas in 2019. IntelliSite’s video capabilities and analytics were used to determine that the cause of the accident was a result of excessive speed. This information was used in court to close the case.  

Riverbank continues to make great strides utilizing IntelliSite’s capabilities. In Q3 of this year, the city added video monitoring to parking locations in its Riverwalk shopping section to decrease the amount of crime and car break-ins that have been reported.  

In 2021, these IntelliSite’s SCaaS for Public Safety services will be expanded to Riverbank’s parks to decrease loitering, trespassing, and maintain cleaner, safer parks for the community’s enjoyment. In addition, other cities within Stanislaus county have requested IntelliSite’s services to keep citizens, officers, and police assets (like its motorcade) safe.  

We’re excited to continue our collaboration with Riverbank and other cities in the county to promote safe and secure communities. Learn more about what IntelliSite can offer for your city or community by checking out our Smart Community as a Service (SCaaS) web page, schedule a short demo, or speak with a IntelliSite rep to get started today! 

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