The IntelliSite Security Series: Part 8

January 20, 2021 / AIhBMIoTMegaTrends SeriesSCaaSTechnology

Part 8: Responsive Environments and Intelligent Spaces

In our last Megatrends blog post, we discussed touchless and frictionless computing as well as facial recognition, and how our interaction with physical computing continues to fade into the background with each technological advancement. This week, we’ll be discussing how IntelliSite addresses the eighth topic in the Megatrends report: Responsive environments and intelligent spaces.

The emergence and growing adoption of IoT has created the potential for any space to be a “smart” environment. It’s now considered uncommon for people in the US to not have a voice assistant in their home, and of course Siri, Alexa, or Google on their phones. The idea of the “smart building” has also made it into the mainstream, with many television shows depicting the technology both in a positive and negative light. Consider Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson battling the power of one of the most innovative smart buildings in the world in the 2018 movie Skyscraper, an obvious vilification of the technology, (of course the situation was not very realistic).

What is realistic? While not as heart-pounding, for many the incredible value that responsive environments and intelligent spaces provide for organizations is certainly exciting. Having your finger on the pulse of your workplace or environment(s) that you manage by getting real-time information maximizes your ability to make the best possible business decisions based on data-driven insights.

With IoT services and solutions engrained in the fabric of IntelliSite, we work with our customers to provide the hardware and software, enabling them to harness the power of responsive environments and intelligent spaces. Our services are end-to-end in that we design your solution, find and install the right hardware, catered towards your specific need(s), and integrate our AI-enabled software suite IntelliCore. With IntelliCore, customers see the analytic value of their mounds of IoT data. By harnessing the power of IntelliSite’s proprietary DeepLogic rules engine, IntelliCore creates streams of enriched data, harnessed by our AI-enabled software, then translated into actionable information through our DeepInsights dashboards, so you can make quick, data-driven, intelligent, business decisions.

With IoT sensors/devices + our patented IntelliCore capabilities, our clients are ready to embrace the Intelligent Space revolution. Below are a few examples of how IntelliSite has provided responsive environments and intelligent spaces for customers:

IntelliSite for Property Management

  • Property management is an around-the-clock position. For patrons to have a positive experience at public places, such as malls, supermarkets, and restaurants, there is so much to consider in providing services. Our customers have used our solutions to augment many of their responsibilities, such as property security, asset protection, and utilities management (electrical regulation, water leak detection, generator/fuel level monitoring, etc.). By constantly monitoring these areas, this provides flexibility for managers to take care of responsibilities that require immediate attention.

IntelliSite for Smart Communities as a Service (SCaaS) – Public Safety

  • Community managers and planners have a responsibility to ensure public safety while also maintaining fiscal responsibility. However, there are many areas that need constant monitoring and security that just isn’t feasible for local law enforcement. Our customers have used our solutions to address common, and oftentimes, elusive crimes such as metal theft, illegal dumping, and vandalism through a combination of video, network connectivity, and interactive elements such as loudspeakers and alerts to proactively curb these efforts.

IntelliSite for Healthcare

  • Hospitals have their own ecosystem that takes into account a variety of departments, people, and processes. It’s critical these elements run optimally at all times in order for patience to receive the care they need – anything less could mean life or death. Our customers have utilized our “always-on” capabilities to handle many of the burdens that operation managers always deal with, such as monitoring and managing the health of devices so there’s no downtime, reducing in-house costs like add-on services so professionals can spend more time on critical operations, and monitoring the overall health of the building to ensure everything continuously runs smoothly.

IntelliSIte for Retail

  • IntelliSite’s AI enabled IoT solutions can help retailers achieve amazing things – from improving customer experience, enhancing efficiency, understanding customers, and keeping employees and others safe during a pandemic. Our retail customers are utilizing IntelliSite to determine occupancy management and curbside pickup to expedite the shopping experience and to promote social distancing measures. Additionally, to enhance sales, retailers are using in-store analytics to determine heat maps within the store, how long patrons normally shop, and what the best selling items are.

To learn more about our capabilities in providing responsive environments and intelligent spaces, please visit our website, schedule a short demo, and/or contact an IntelliSite expert to get started today!

Next week in our IntelliSite Security Series, we’ll tackle the SIA’s ninth Megatrend topic, “Emphasis on Data Privacy”…stay tuned!

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