The 2021 IntelliSite Security Series: Part 3

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Part 3: Predictive Data Analytics

In our previous IntelliSite Security Series post regarding the 2021 SIA Megatrends report, we detailed our capabilities in cybersecurity and why it’s important to build products with security built-in, from the ground up. This week, we’ll be discussing how IntelliSite addresses the third topic in the Megatrends report: Predictive data analytics.  

It’s no surprise that today’s landscape, for companies to remain competitive, requires instant, real-time insights from multiple sources of complex data. By translating data into actionable information, leaders are able to make the best decisions possible for their organization. However, just organizing your data isn’t enough to gain a competitive advantage. The fastest-growing companies leverage predictive data analytics.  

Just what IS predictive analytics? does a good job at providing a succinct definition: “Predictive analytics is a category of data analytics aimed at making predictions about future outcomes based on historical data and analytics techniques such as statistical modeling and machine learning. The science of predictive analytics can generate future insights with a significant degree of precision.” 

The predictive analytics capabilities of IntelliSite work because of our software suite, IntelliCore. 

IntelliCore is an agile multilayered platform, enabling our clients to manipulate, control, and enrich mountains of data to create and monitor client requested outcomes. One of the benefits of utilizing our suite of software – DeepVision AI, DeepLogic, and DeepInsights – is the ability to create custom rules, visualize the data outcomes and model enriched data over time for the building of predictive analytics through smart machine learning.  

These three software components work in tandem in every IntelliSite solution and can provide predictive data analytic capabilities. For example, clients apply rules to filter and prioritize different streams of data within our DeepLogic engine, including AI enriched information from IntelliSite solutions that utilize our DeepVision AI. Agile data synthesis and prioritization allows IntelliSite to work with our clients to manipulate information into actionable insights and outcomes and serve that information up in DeepInsights, our visualization dashboard.  

Over time, as more and more data is aggregated through our IntelliCore platform, AI machine learning algorithms to become smarter; DeepInsights can visualize highly accurate predictive data analytics based on enriched historical data.  

Below are a few ways that our IntelliCore platform is critically involved in our customers’ operations: 

  • Streamlined Hospital Operations – In hospitals, downtime can mean the difference between life and death. By continuously monitoring the health of critical devices such as defibrillators and insulin pumps, our IntelliCore platform understands from historical data when devices might not be operating at maximum capacity and alerts operations managers should be serviced or attended to through our DeepInsights dashboard. 
  • Secure Dangerous Traffic Areas – Our IntelliCore platform keeps track of where and when traffic accidents or incidents occur in a city or town, enabling officials to have a better idea of problem areas, such as dangerous intersections so that they can take appropriate measures to make the area safe. Even when incidents are close calls and aren’t officially documented, IntelliSite’s solution provides data on when and how close accidents were to occur, visible within the DeepLogic interface and DeepInsights dashboard. 
  • Safer Work Environments – As people begin going back to the office, there still needs to be measured in place to safeguard against contagions. With our hBM Advanced Solution, business owners can perform thermal scanning non-intrusively. IntelliCore’s DeepLogic combines visualization, alerting, and reporting with the data from an FDA compliant thermal/optical camera to help recognize when action needs to be taken in real-time with both sound and visual cues. 

 IntelliSite’s IntelliCore platform is customizable, flexible, and scalable, and is designed and implemented by IntelliSite to meet any IoT/AI-enabled solution. Our customers have been able to transform their business and operations because of the innovative ways they can now interact with their data. Real-time insights, complemented with regression analytics on historical data, is the one-two punch organizations need in today’s world. To learn more about how IntelliSite’s IntelliCore platform can further enable your business, please visit our website, schedule a short demo, and/or contact an IntelliSite expert. 

Next week in our IntelliSite Security Series, we’ll tackle the SIA’s fourth Megatrend topic, “Connectivity and the IoT of Everything”…stay tuned!  

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