The 2021 IntelliSite Security Series: Part 5

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Part 5: Cloud Computing

Last week, as we continued with our 10-part IntelliSite Security Series around the 2021 SIA Megatrends report, we discussed IoT and the connectivity of everything. In the post, we detailed our recent acquisition of Broad Sky Networks and the formation of our holding company, EPIC IO Technology, to provide the most innovative IoT and connectivity solutions on the market. This week, we’ll be discussing how IntelliSite addresses the fifth topic in the Megatrends report: Cloud computing.

It’s no surprise that the adoption of enterprise cloud has been skyrocketing over the last several years. As cloud becomes more of a standard, organizations have a better understanding of its capabilities and have invested heavily in everything from building innovative services to streamlining internal processes and communications.

As a company always on the cutting edge of technology, IntelliSite provides the capabilities of today but encourages and supports the tech of tomorrow. In thinking about cloud computing holistically, consider the cloud as an evolution; that it is still growing and its true value will continue to be linked to advancements in network connectivity (5G, for example). Just as technology-enabled cloud to be iterative of on-premise offerings, the power of edge computing will expand what we considered so innovative with cloud computing.

For those not as familiar with edge computing, Gartner (via Network World) defines it as “a part of a distributed computing topology in which information processing is located close to the edge – where things and people produce or consume that information.”

We’re bringing the edge and cloud together for IoT and video. With IntelliSite’s edge computing capabilities, data can be collected anywhere (e.g. a telephone pole, streetlight, building). For this, we provide our Universal IoT Gateway (UIG) platform to collect and analyze data as close as possible to where it’s generated, as opposed to the slight latency in data movement from device to remote servers or data centers.

What really sets us apart is the integration of our AI-enabled software suite, IntelliCore. IntelliCore is end-to-end for the lifecycle of your data. All three of our software offerings work in tandem to provide an agile, multilayered approach that can handle your tsunami of data. Apply rules and prioritize data streams with our DeepLogic engine, enrich data with our AI to gain next-gen intelligence through our DeepVision AI, and turn data into information that translates into actionable insights through our DeepInsights visualization dashboard – all done at the edge.

Additionally, our software is designed to be cloud agnostic, meaning it fits in with whatever cloud vendor you are using. This is especially beneficial as many organizations are adopting a multi-cloud approach to take advantage of different features offered by competing vendors. With our turnkey offerings, organizations can gain real-time intelligence at the edge to enable action as well as sending the data to cloud applications for storage and further analysis (if needed).

Edge computing has been a critical element for many of our customers involved in areas such as smart cities, healthcare operations, and manufacturing where gaining insights in real-time as opposed to the cloud’s slight latency could drastically impact business goals, not to mention lives.

With IntelliSite’s edge + intelligence capabilities, we help organizations adapt and move beyond the cloud to edge computing, especially as the world continues to demand real-time information.

For more information, please visit our website, schedule a short demo, and/or contact an IntelliSite expert to get started today!

Next week in our IntelliSite Security Series, we’ll tackle the SIA’s sixth Megatrend topic, “Touchless & Frictionless Solutions”…stay tuned!

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