The IntelliSite Smart Security Series: Part 1

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Part 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

The Security Industry Association (SIA) recently put out their Security Megatrends 2021 report, an annual list that includes the top ten factors that they believe will influence the short-term and long-term changes in global security. 

This list, which is put together based on survey results and interviews with top security professionals, is always unveiled at SIA’s annual conference, Securing New Ground (SNG). SNG brings together (virtually this year) leading entrepreneurs, CEOs, and industry professionals to network and discuss everything security.  

Here’s the big surprise: AI was listed as the #1 Security Megatrend for the coming year and beyond. To put this in perspective, AI took the #5 spot in their 2019 report.  

Even Pope Francis believes AI will have a powerful impact in the year ahead, praying that AI will be beneficial for humanity in his November Intention prayer. 

For the purposes of this post, this is how we’re defining AI: 

AI enables massive data crunching, processing of complex multi-dimensional problems that would take much longer to process a linear way. AI programming can be applied to multiple streams of data – visual data, sensor data – and to identify patterns and desired outcomes in real time. It can become smarter overtime – by retrofitting algorithms through incorporations of new observed data. AI is the future of technological and IoT solutions across endless vertical applications. 

We’re proud to say that IntelliSite addresses all 10 of these trends, so we will be delving into each trend in depth in our Megatrend Articles Series. We’ll be doing this in a series to explain each one in detail. First up in our series is AI. Take a look at what IntelliSite provides in the AI space: 

Artificial intelligence has been part of IntelliSite solutions for some time, but we recognized AI is the future of IoT and Edge technology, so we made a big move. Back in August of this year, we deepened our commitment to our AI solutions by acquiring Deep Vision AI, a leading company powered in computer vision that helps turn visual data into real-time analytics for valuable insight.  

With these capabilities, we now consider our AI talent, knowledge-base, and proprietary technology to be one of our three pillars of excellence within IntelliSite.  

We strive to add AI to every customer solution. For example, with our DeepVision AI technology, we’ve incorporated AI into our video monitoring solutions that go beyond traditional security setups to provide with automated video analysis and alert based on behavioral events like traffic incidents, security threats, and others like illegal dumping, copper theft, and trespassers in public parks at night. DeepVision AI provides a new lens for monitoring solutions by facilitating new ways of analyzing and monetizing visual data – not only capturing what’s going on, but understanding and continuing to learn in order to proactively address issues and help meet business needs.  

Additionally, our DeepInsights solution incorporates AI and provides visualization for advanced analytics. Through DeepInsights, IntelliSite can perform analysis on current and previous data, looking for patterns and trends to proactively show potential issues or areas to address. This is done comprehensively by combining multiple data streams for centralized management and understanding. 

DeepVision AI and DeepInsights also address IoT sensors data, which add tremendous value and enhanced features to your smart environment such as air quality monitoring, water management, etc. It’s important to note that advancements in network connectivity, cloud functionality, and edge computing among other hardware components are driving these innovative services. As these technologies work in concert together, it results in companies not only being alerted to changes in the environment, but they have the knowledge and insight to real-time data in order to make critical decisions.  

IntelliSite’s AI in the Real World 

IntelliSite recently had the opportunity to implement its Heuristic Based Monitoring (hBM) thermal solution into a major U.S. international airport to help ensure health and safety standards for travelers and airport staff based on CDC guidelines. Through our core AI capabilities, the airport is able to monitor numerous entrance points and quickly and efficiently alert on elevated temperatures to proactively address potential health risks. Learn more by reading our blog post, “You Are Now Free to Move About the Airport. 

Additionally, IntelliSite is working with a major city in Silicon Valley as part of their Vision Zero program,  to provide advanced vehicle traffic monitoring capabilities and vehicle incident detection – such as traffic jams, wrong ways, stalled vehicles, near hit accidents, and much more. Through DeepVision and DeepInsights, traffic controllers and city managers are able to utilize real-time insights to make the city safer for pedestrians and drivers.  

We’re very excited about the future and what our AI capabilities can offer to our partners and customers! We invite you to visit our websiteschedule a short demo, or contact us to learn more about how our solutions can start working for you! 

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