The IntelliSite Security Series: Part 10

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Part 10: Move to Service Models

In our last Megatrends blog post, we discussed the emphasis on data privacy, and how systems and processes need to be in place in order to keep the integrity of critical business and personal information. For our last Megatrends blog post, we’ll be addressing the tenth topic in the Megatrends report: Move to Service Models.

Not even a decade ago, the process of building and maintaining critical business applications was a lot more involved than it is today. Supporting on-premises technologies and architectures was a large (and costly) responsibility for most organizations. Consider some elements that were involved – purchasing the proper technologies to house the technology stack, hiring a full department of IT professionals to manage it, causing service downtime for updates, etc.

With the advent of cloud computing, organizations have been able to scale down on these requirements while gaining better and more powerful services. Today, organizations have a few cloud service models to choose from – Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – that offer its own set of benefits based on business needs.

As a leading provider in IoT turnkey solutions, IntelliSite delivers its innovative IoT and AI services in a SaaS model, enabling customers flexibility on what they buy and how they use it. For example, our Smart Communities as a Service (SCaaS) solution has provided a number of city governments with next-gen, innovative hardware and software solutions that meet critical demands such as public safety, intelligent transportation, and healthy living. Clients are able to choose which services make sense for them, and working with an IntelliSite expert makes the implementation quick and painless.

We wrote about two cities in California utilizing our SCaaS solution, and how it was able to meet their needs:

Alameda County, CA used SCaaS to deter illegal dumping, which was costing the city more than $8 million dollars per year. Through continuous video monitoring paired with our proprietary AI-based software, the city was able to proactively identify events and flag for law enforcement intervention, and incident reports with pertinent information and video snapshots were provided for each incident.

In Riverbank, CA, in order to provide more protection to its downtown area, cameras were installed in areas with high criminal activity. Based on the reduction in crime, the city of Riverbank expanded its downtown solution to incorporate video monitoring to parking locations in its Riverwalk shopping section to decrease the amount of crime and car break-ins that had been reported.

With these SaaS solutions, customers also gain access to our IntelliCare service, which provides the ability to make sure the platform that our customer has adopted from intelliSite is performing at a high level of efficiency. Additionally, customers still have access to IntelliWize and IntelliQ, a consultancy service provided at the beginning of the process to thoroughly understand the business need in order to implement the best solution, so that when they have questions, concerns, or want to extend their solution or switch things out, we can provide consultative information.

With our network operations center, operating 24/7, and our enhanced remote monitoring and managing capabilities, through IntelliCare, our customers gain the confidence to move forward knowing they have the proper core to their business solution.

As they say, all good things must come to an end. We hope that you enjoyed our IntelliSite Security Series based on the 2021 SIA Megatrends report, and look forward to working with you in the future regarding your IoT and/or AI needs.

We encourage you to get in touch with us! Please visit our website, schedule a short demo, and/or contact an IntelliSite expert to get started today!

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