The IntelliSite Security Series: Part 6 & 7

January 11, 2021 / AIhBMIoTMegaTrends SeriesSCaaSTechnology

Part 6 & 7: Touchless and Frictionless Solutions and Facial Recognition

Last week, as we continued with our 10-part IntelliSite Security Series around the 2021 SIA Megatrends report, we discussed cloud computing, and how the future is all about edge computing, where collection and processing will be done closer to where data originates than in the cloud. This week, we’ll be discussing how IntelliSite addresses the sixth and seventh topics in the Megatrends report (since they go hand-in-hand): Touchless and frictionless solutions and facial recognition.

One of the key elements driving technology today is that it provides new or better ways of interacting with the world around us, while the actual physical components fade into the background. IoT, of course, plays a large role in the capabilities of moving these services forward – virtual assistants, on-board vehicle maintenance monitoring, and touchless entry to provide employers with a safe workplace for their employees – the list goes on and on for both the consumer and enterprise market.

As a native turnkey IoT solutions company, IntelliSite is paving the way for organizations to gain the most value from their solutions with as little interaction with the technology as possible.

However, it’s with our proprietary, end-to-end, AI-enabled software suite, IntelliCore, that we really shine. Based on the combination of real-time IoT data and AI-enabled software via our IntelliCore suite of products (DeepLogic, DeepVision AI and DeepInsights), customers have the ability to monitor and make intelligent business decisions, all without the need to interact with the actual physical technology. Here are just a few ways that our hardware + software offers a 1-2 punch for touchless and frictionless computing.

  • hBM for Employers – IntelliSite is helping employers provide a seamless entry into their offices while maintaining a safe and secure workplace for their employees. With our hBM Kiosk for Employers, IntelliSite provides a hassle-free, no-contact, AI-enhanced thermal screening and check-in solution for multiple entry points. Simply by walking past the Kiosk scanners, employees are simultaneously checked for a fever while being clocked in for work. The Kiosk is an agile mobile solution, customized to integrate into existing HR management systems to facilitate building occupancy management, time tracking, employee badge scanning, daily ticketing and notifications, and more. These services increase productivity and safety measures, all without the need for constant human intervention.
  • hBM for Retail – Additionally, our IntelliSite hBM Retail solutions are helping retailers achieve amazing things in undetectable ways – such as improving customer experience, enhancing efficiency, and keeping employees and shoppers safe and healthy. To help improve the customer experience, retailers are using IntelliSite for in-store analytics to manage store occupancy, improve store flow, and increase sales. An efficiency, retailers are using curbside pickup optimization that identifies customers through vehicle recognition to enhance a smooth and seamless customer experience.
  • SCaaS for Public Safety – The safety and security of the public are one of the primary concerns of city officials, and there are a variety of things to think about regarding these efforts. In support of keeping the public safe and secure, IntelliSite’s Smart and Safer Communities as a Service (SCaaS) for Transportation and Public Safety can proactively monitor vehicle and crosswalk traffic, detect hazardous intersections, monitor air quality, and deter potential threats or vandalism in public areas with real-time security monitoring. These “always-on” capabilities allow more flexibility to city officials and first responders by addressing potential issues or threats in real-time through continuous monitoring instead of requiring dedicated, man-powered vigilance.

These powerful tools are streamlining business operations and intelligence for our customers. IntelliSite solutions enable our customers to be “plug-and-play,” allowing technology to work in the background without the constant need for monitoring. IntelliSite continues to push innovation in combining visual computing with AI technology and AI enriched IoT data to develop more accurate and efficient touchless and frictionless solutions.

To learn more about our touchless and frictionless solutions, please visit our website, schedule a short demo, and/or contact an IntelliSite expert to get started today!

Next week in our IntelliSite Security Series, we’ll tackle the SIA’s eight Megatrend topic, “Responsive Environments & Intelligent Spaces”…stay tuned!

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