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International Airport Uses IntelliSite’s hBM Solution to Curtail Spread of Covid-19

After having the pandemic everything turned upside down for the last 6+ months, the US business world is hopeful that we are beginning to develop a new sense of normalcy. While we all acknowledge we still have challenges ahead we’re seeing more and more businesses and institutions utilize AI enabled technology to help them open back up. Even airports have embraced this trend toward AI.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, organizations and small businesses have been using hand-held thermometers and other devices to check temperatures of employees and patrons. While these work well on a small scale, they aren’t realistic for high traffic areas.

IntelliSite recently had the opportunity to work with an international airport leveraging our all-in-one Heuristic Based Monitoring (hBM) thermal solution. Installed in key entrance points, including main entrances and plane gateways, hBM helps protect airport employees, airline crew, and travelers from the spread of contagions in real time by quickly and efficiently identifying individuals with elevated temperature for triage for second screening.
So how does IntelliSite’s hBM thermal screening work? The solution combines IntelliSite’s DeepVision AI, proprietary advanced computer vision technology, thermal camera technology, and DeepLogic cloud-based software to detect elevated body temperatures in real time by measuring the temperature in the face. This results in enabling airport personnel to identify high-risk individuals and create actionable outcomes.

Additionally, hBM comes at the ready with a number of social distancing capabilities including people counting, occupancy management, and mask adherence.

With the hBM solution, the airport was able to cut down on traffic congestion and bottlenecks throughout the facility. This image provides a great example of what the DeepLogic dashboard looks like and how all the real-time data is tracked.

Here are some additional results that the airport received through the use of hBM:

  • TCO is 70% less than having staff perform temperature scans.
  • Over a thousand people can be scanned per day.
  • Turnkey solutions reduce complexity.
  • Contactless solution that helps ensure social distancing.
  • Scan upward of 100 people per minute to avoid bottleneck.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications with configurable data persistence. Possible to track record of more than 1 million screenings.
  • Temperature verified by a secondary device can be registered.
  • Mitigate full scale liabilities with early detection.
  • Additional AI software modules can be enabled: people
    counting, facial recognition, facial demographics, object entering alert zones and vehicle recognition.

We’re excited to see how well this implementation is doing, and hope to continue being a leader in this space as we help organizations balance public safety with the need to keep business moving forward.

Visit our hBM web page to learn more about the solution, or connect with an IntelliSite expert to get started on building your own custom solution today!

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