The IntelliSite Smart Security Series: Part 1

November 15, 2020 / AIhBMIoTMegaTrends SeriesSCaaSTechnology

Part 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
The Security Industry Association (SIA) recently put out their Security Megatrends 2021 report, an annual list that includes the top ten factors that they believe will influence the short-term and long-term changes in global security. 

This list, which is put together based on survey results and intervie

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You Are Now Free to Move About the Airport

November 9, 2020 / AIhBMIoTMegaTrends SeriesSCaaSTechnology

International Airport Uses IntelliSite’s hBM Solution to Curtail Spread of Covid-19
After having the pandemic everything turned upside down for the last 6+ months, the US business world is hopeful that we are beginning to develop a new sense of normalcy. While we all acknowledge we still have challenges ahead we’re seeing more and more busines

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