Vaccine Emergencies on the Rise

January 8, 2021 / AIhBMIoTMegaTrends SeriesSCaaSTechnology

Today, Campus Safety Magazine released an article outlining a near disaster and waste of precious COVID-19 Vaccine in a Ukiah Valley Medical Center. The Mendocino County facility suffered a freezer failure following a power outage. The IoT sensors that monitor the freezer’s temperature failed to notify hospital personnel of the problem.


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You Are Now Free to Move About the Airport

November 9, 2020 / AIhBMIoTMegaTrends SeriesSCaaSTechnology

International Airport Uses IntelliSite’s hBM Solution to Curtail Spread of Covid-19
After having the pandemic everything turned upside down for the last 6+ months, the US business world is hopeful that we are beginning to develop a new sense of normalcy. While we all acknowledge we still have challenges ahead we’re seeing more and more busines

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