Universal IoT Gateway Platform

Industry leading IoT platform that aggregates and analyzes information at the network’s edge

UIG Platform

IntelliSite’s Universal IoT Gateway (UIG®) is the connection point between IoT devices and the Cloud Engine applications. Acting as a gateway, the UIG
translates data from IoT sensors and devices at the edge and forwards
information from the cloud to remote actuators in order to perform
actionable outcomes.

IntelliSite’s UIG performs security tasks, buffers sensor information, manages and translates device protocols. Using the IntelliSite Edge Analytics suite, the gateway also applies artificial intelligence on the data at the edge which results in faster analysis, cuts down on storage of the vast amount of data produced by IoT devices, and reduces cellular network data traffic.

Benefits of the UIG
  • Extends network coverage with onboard 4G/LTE and WiFi
  • Integration with Long Range, Zigbee, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) and other protocols
  • Edge Intelligence
  • Real-time IoT and video analytics brought together into one platform
  • 3rd-party integrations with RFID, access control, edge analytics, etc.
  • Real-time command and control
  • Receives and Forwards control commands to endpoint sensors
    and devices
  • Centralized device management
  • Connectivity to a wide variety of sensors- building access, lighting, HVAC monitoring, ventilation, SCADA protocols, etc.
  • Terabytes of storage at the edge
  • Ruggedized outdoor enclosure

IntelliSite’s Remote
Security Unit (RSU)

The IntelliSite Remote Security Unit is a video camera-focused implementation of the UIG and revolutionizes remote monitoring and security by deploying video analytics at the network’s edge.

The RSU speeds analysis, reduces network traffic and cellular data utilization to provide real-time monitoring and value through remote security and device health management.

The IntelliSite RSU unit comes in three unique solutions to address required camera coverage density, d video storage needs, and addition of IoT devices.

  • Automated event-driven alerts
  • Mobile device access and viewing of camera and IoT sensor data
  • Remote device equipment monitoring and management
  • Insights to drive predictive maintenance
IntelliSite’s Remote
Security Unit (RSU)
  • Video cameras
  • Router
  • SSD HD
  • Video storage HD
IntelliSite’s Remote
Security Unit
  • Video cameras
  • Smaller footprint RSU
  • No video storage
  • No router
  • Extends video camera installations
IntelliSite’s Remote
Security Unit
  • Video cameras
  • No video storage
  • Management computer
  • Verizon version – “IoT Gateway”

IntelliSite IoT Sensors

IntelliSite provides a wide collection of ruggedized IoT sensors to monitor and respond to changes at a location in real time. Inputs can come from a variety of sources such as light, temperature, motion and pressure.

IntelliSite’s suite of IoT sensors can be used to manage assets, environmental conditions and powered devices. Connected through IntelliSite’s IoT Platform, data from sensors play a critical role in compounding the value of IoT investments by its customers to realize safer and smarter environments.

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