Michael Knight

Michael is the Chief Digital Officer of EPIC IO, IntelliSite and Broad Sky Networks.

Michael is a technology industry veteran with more than 23 years of professional experience, holding a significant amount of technology/industry certifications, focusing on transformative outcomes and consulting across all industries.

Before joining EPIC IO, IntelliSite, and Broad Sky Networks, he was the Global Chief Technology Officer for Safety and Security – Industry Edge (IoT) at Dell Technologies. In this position, he led go-to-market strategies and enablement for solutions and outcomes comprised of not only the capabilities of Dell’s strategically aligned businesses but also the expansive partner ecosystem that included a vast amount of partners from strategic hyper-scalers to global systems integrators and independent hardware/software providers.

Michael has served as President, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, Senior Vice President and Global Director for multiple technology organizations delivering a myriad of solutions and services that include cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge-to-cloud strategies, cloud and XaaS (Software, IaaS, PaaS, UCaaS), enterprise networking including SD-WAN, IOT/IIOT, analytics and business intelligence, safety, physical security and more.

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