JP Kenney

JP is the Chief Revenue Officer for EPIC IO, IntelliSite, and Broad Sky Networks.

JP has over 30 years of sales and sales leadership experience in network, security, and data storage technology companies.

Prior to joining EPIC IO & IntelliSite, JP served as the VP of South Sales for Cohesity, a leader in Data Management solutions. Before joining Cohesity, he built and led the Southeast Majors organization at Palo Alto Networks for 4 years.

Early in his career, JP started with Cisco in 1993 and worked in sales, sales leadership, and global strategy and planning leadership capacities through 2014. JP’s vast experience across his 30+ years has prepared him well for his journey with EPIC IO, IntelliSite and Broad Sky Networks.

JP holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from the University of Texas A&M.

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