June 27, 2019

IntelliSite Introduces “Smart City” As a Service to the City of Riverbank

IntelliSite’s Pre-Crime Solutions Provides the City of Riverbank Affordable Access to State-of-the-Art Security and Surveillance as a Service

IntelliSite Corporation, a leading provider of advanced surveillance and monitoring systems, today announced IntelliSite’s “Smart City as a Service” (SCaaS). IntelliSite’s SCaaS solution is eliminating the upfront cost and maintenance that is associated with implementing a pre-crime surveillance solution. Cities will benefit from 24/7 monitoring of traditional park and public facilities, as well as targeted roadways which in turn is expected to lower crime rates, enhance collaboration between departments and create safer communities.

“IntelliSite’s solutions are expected to improve the security of our city’s parks, roadways and entry points,” said Sean Scully, City Manager of Riverbank City. “IntelliSite’s ability to collect, analyze, and manage complex sets of data in real time are what sets it apart. Its delivery of security as a solution allows each municipality to recognize the value with little initial investment. Our hope is that the City of Riverbank will be more secure with the deployment of IntelliSite across our roadways.”

IntelliSite’s surveillance solutions allow municipalities to improve security and operations and connect multiple departments to better share resources for the greater good of the community. IntelliSite’s implementation of surveillance cameras alone acts as a deterrence and allows for increased savings generated from the reallocation of law enforcement personnel and response capabilities.

“Smart City as a Service was born from communities recognizing that they needed the technology, however lacked the capital expenditure necessary to implement,” said Mario Campos (@IoT_mario), CEO at IntelliSite. “We are eliminating the barriers associated with cost and providing communities with enhanced security that is maintained and managed by IntelliSite. The city’s recent vote to deploy IntelliSite’s solution is providing an immediate positive result that has proven to create safer communities.”

The adoption of IntelliSite will be funded by the use of the established “Public Benefit Fund.” The Benefit Fund consists of any cannabis-related revenues received by approved cannabis businesses. For the City of Riverbank, the Benefit Fund is focused on four expenditure categories: public safety, code enforcement, service enhancements and offsets to other departments for administration of the fund (finance). The adoption of IntelliSite’s cameras and camera services are included in the public safety and code enforcement category as the cameras can aid (and potentially deter) a number of law enforcement and code enforcement matters.

How IntelliSite IoT is Uniquely Positioned to Champion Smart City as a Service
IntelliSite, a holder of a state California Multiple Award Contract, is uniquely positioned to offer “Smart City as a Service” as it can be the sole provider of the technology. IntelliSite is one of just three vendors nationwide that is connected to the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) national database. IntelliSite’s Smart City as a Service will include the use of Universal IoT Gateways (UIGs) that combine video analytics with License Plate Recognition. IntelliSite’s LPR solutions allow license plates to be monitored in real time to stop and prosecute criminal activity with the ability to track thousands of license plates a minute.

In fact, a Northern California city that tapped IntelliSite to create a surveillance perimeter of its major access points realized a host of significant benefits including:
·    70% reduction in crime within the year
·    Faster response time as police identified suspects within minutes
·    Overall perception of the community improved with the reduced crime

IntelliSite’s IoT-based solutions are deployed across the country. IntelliSite’s application-specific solutions combine data from sensors and video to create actionable results. By harnessing the power of wireless technology with advanced analytics, IntelliSite is able to create connected environments that save time, money and resources for municipalities, law enforcement, utilities and enterprises.

About IntelliSite Corporation
IntelliSite Corporation is an industry leader of advanced surveillance and monitoring systems. Tapping into the connectivity afforded by the Internet of Things, IntelliSite’s platform delivers a wide range of managed applications that creates connected businesses and actionable outcomes. Founded in 2001, IntelliSite Corporation provides enterprise-scale solutions spanning across public works, financial, energy, agriculture, retail, and education. IntelliSite can be found at http://www.intellisite.io or via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

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