IntelliSite’s Turnkey Solutions and Process

IntelliSite is committed to the success of every implementation and ensuring customers realize the full potential of their IoT solution.

Understanding that every customer is unique, IntelliSite manages all aspects of the implementation, including the design, procurement, installation and ongoing management and maintenance services.

IntelliSite’s service methodology includes:


IntelliSite starts with identifying the customer‘s business challenges and desired outcomes.
With specific business outcomes identified, IntelliSite works with the customer to understand existing IT/OT infrastructure, locations and site layouts, site engineering needs, device and data requirements, dashboard and reporting needs, and implementation timelines to design an appropriate solution. Hardware, software, connectivity and services components are right-sized for the solution with future expansion in mind.


Once the IoT solution is designed, IntelliSite uses its IoT Platform framework and IntelliSite hardware and software products in addition to working with its ecosystem of partners to source all solution components.

The components are received at IntelliSite’s manufacturing and integration facility, assembled, configured and tested prior to shipping to the customer site.
IntelliSite’s open Universal IoT Gateway platform supports a wide range of products that allows existing and task-specific video and sensor products to be integrated. Because the products are integrated within IntelliSite’s IoT Platform, they can all be remotely managed through IntelliSite’s Cloud Services software.


IntelliSite provides hands-on installation and training.

IntelliSite’s teams of engineers are trained on installation and support of leading IoT and camera systems. IntelliSite is the first company in the country to introduce Smart Community as a Service (SCaaS) which illustrates its ability to design, configure, deploy and manage scalable IoT solutions. IntelliSite’s field engineers are able to address a range of installation requirements and are certified on bucket truck operation, tower climbing, , forklift & Gradall operation, confined spaces, etc.

Management & Maintenance

IntelliSite provides a range of managed services to meet customer needs across diverse solution implementations. At the heart of IntelliSite’s service offering is its Remote Guarding “Eyes On” service. As a fully managed service, IntelliSite’s “Eyes On” service offers Remote Guarding to help respond to video and IoT alarms originating from UIG® systems in the field. From its Network Operating Center (NOC), IntelliSite’s remote agents respond to live alarms and conduct voice downs via loudspeakers attached to the UIG® systems in the case of video alarms. As for IoT alarms, IntelliSite’s agents can quickly assess the current situation and notify the customer to seek fast resolution. A key element of IntelliSite’s “Eyes On” service is the daily “Incident Report” that is generated after each security event. The Incident Report is sent to an email distribution group which includes key stakeholders (customers, project managers, etc.).

From an operations standpoint, IntelliSite’s monitoring and management services apply to applications, cloud servers, networks, security, edge devices and other data center elements. Proactive monitoring provides a view into the health and status of the IntelliSite IoT solutions. Like air traffic controllers, NOC staff members and IntelliSite engineers use monitoring tools to view and benchmark cellular network traffic to proactively avoid potential problems. Customers appreciate the end results of the hands-off experience through high reliability, high performance implementations.

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