IntelliSite Cloud Engine

IntelliSite’s suite of software products enables rapid development, deployment, management and scaling of IoT solutions.

Our goal is to provide an out-of-the-box IoT cloud or on-premise solution.”

With IntelliSite Cloud Engine
you are able to:

  • Provision devices, assets and subscribers (i.e. consumers of the data, doctors, engineering staff, etc) and define relations between them.
  • Collect and visualize data from devices and assets in the field.
  • Analyze incoming telemetry and trigger alarms with complex event
  • Control your devices using remote procedure calls (RPC).
  • Manage solutions across facilities, divisions, enterprises via a multi-tenant design
  • Build work-flows based on device life-cycle event, REST API event, RPC request, etc. 
  • Design dynamic and responsive dashboards and present device or asset telemetry and insights to your customers.


  • Enable use-case specific features using customizable rule chains.


  • Push device data to external 3rd party systems.

IntelliSite Cloud Engine
is designed to be:

  • Scalable: Horizontally scalable platform, built using leading IoT technologies
  • Fault-tolerant: no single-point-of-failure, every node in the cluster is identical.
  • Robust and efficient: single instance server can handle tens or even hundreds of thousands of devices depending on use-case. Cluster environment can handle millions of devices.
  • Customizable: adding new functionality is easy with customizable widgets and rule engine nodes.
  • Durable: never lose your data.

Working with Telemetry Data

IntelliSite provides a rich set of features related to telemetry data:
  • collect data from devices using MQTT, CoAP or HTTP protocols.
  • store timeseries data in Cassandra (efficient, scalable and fault-tolerant NoSQL database)
  • query latest timeseries data values or all data within the specified time interval.
  • subscribe to data updates using websockets (for visualization or real-time analytics)
  • visualize timeseries data using configurable and highly customizable
    widgets and dashboards
  • filter and analyze data using flexible Rule Engine
  • generate alarms based on collected data (SMS, Email, SNMP, Voice, etc)
  • forward data to external systems using Rule Nodes (e.g. Kafka or RabbitMQ Rule Nodes).

Data Visualization
and Dashboards

IntelliSite allows customizable IoT dashboards. Each IoT Dashboard may
contain multiple dashboard widgets that visualize data from multiple IoT
devices. Once the IoT Dashboard is created, users may assign it to one or many IoT projects, groups, business units, etc.

IoT Rules Engine

IntelliSite Cloud Engine is a highly customizable IoT framework for complex event processing. Here are some common use cases that one can configure via IntelliSite Cloud Engine:

  • Data validation and modification for incoming telemetry or attributes before saving to the database.
  • Copy telemetry or attributes from devices to related assets so you can aggregate telemetry. For example, data from multiple devices can be aggregated in related Asset.
  • Create/Update/Clear alarms based on defined conditions.
  • Trigger actions based on device life-cycle events. For example, create alerts if Device is Online/Offline.
  • Load additional data required for processing. For example, load temperature threshold value for a device that is defined in Device’s Customer or Tenant attribute.
  • Trigger REST API calls to external systems.
  • Send emails when complex event occurs and use attributes of other entities inside Email Template.
  • Take into account User preferences during event processing.
  • Make RPC calls based on defined condition
  • Integrate with external pipelines like Kafka, Spark, AWS services, etc.

IoT Platform Integrations

IntelliSite supports various integration protocols.

Most popular are HTTP, MQTT and OPC-UA. Platform also supports integration with specific LoRaWAN Network servers, Sigfox backend, various NB IoT devices using raw UDP and TCP integrations. AWS IoT, IBM Watson and Azure Event Hub, which enables the subscription to the data feed from devices via MQTT or AMQP.

Audit Log

IntelliSite Cloud Engine provides the ability to track user actions to keep in an audit log. It is possible to log user actions related to main
entities: assets, devices, dashboard, rules, etc.

Security Review

IntelliSite underwent and passed a rigorous 3rd party
security audit conducted by West Monroe together with Black Duck.

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