Heuristic Based Monitoring (hBM)

IntelliSite’s Heuristic Based Monitoring (hBM), combines thermal cameras, artificial intelligence, DeepLogic cloud-based software and DeepInsights custom dashboards for the most complete thermal monitoring solution available.
                                                                                                            IntelliSite’s hBM suite of solutions recognize elevated body temperatures in individuals, enabling businesses and institutions to triage possible high-risk individuals for a second screening – helping protect employees and visitors from possible contagions.  Additional AI software modules can be added for occupancy management, PPE compliance, people counting, demographics and more.
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Heuristic Based Monitoring (hBM)
Benefits of IntelliSite’s
hBM solution include
  • Proven technology to triage high risk individuals with elevated temperatures 1
  • Compact mobile solution to meet entry point configuration needs
  • Wireless connectivity for standalone network connection
  • Can be installed inside and outside – system adjusts
    automatically to ambient temperature
  • Multiple configurations to meet customer needs on standalone vs.
    networked across locations, number of cameras required at a location, AI/analytics requirements
IntelliSite’s hBM
Solutions Address
  • Pedestrian crosswalk safety
  • Monitoring elevated body temperature
  • 24/7 surveillance to secure the facility perimeter
  • PPE Compliance
  • Occupancy Management
  • People Counting


(1) Thermal measurements are designed as a triage tool and should not be the sole means of diagnosing high risk individuals for any viral threat. Elevated thermal readings should be confirmed with a secondary, clinical grade evaluation tool.  FDA recommends screening individuals one at a time, not in groups.

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