IntelliCare Management Services

IntelliSite’s Remote Monitoring and Management service is a core offering to ensuring the safety and protection of IntelliSite’s customers.

IntelliSite’s rMM provides 24/7 monitoring by a professional security team that can engage with the perpetrators remotely, can escalate the engagement to onsite security, or contact local authorities.

IntelliSite’s rMM provides customers with a turnkey solution that has measurable ROI, can enhance onsite security personnel and provide an expandable security perimeter.

IntelliCare Management Services
Benefits of IntelliSite’s
rMM solution include
  • Remote Network Operations Center focused on providing 24/7
  • Connected surveillance is connected to DOJ database
  • Managed service sends alerts and deters activity with security lights
  • “Voice Down” commands allow remote security to engage with perpetrators in real time via onsite loudspeakers.
  • Artificial intelligence can detect suspicious activity and take
    appropriate action
IntelliSite’s rMM
Solutions Address
  • Equipment Yard Security
  • Copper Theft Security Monitoring
  • Oil & Gas Site Monitoring
  • Water Management
  • Cell Tower Management

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