IntelliSense IoT + Edge Solutions

IntelliSite’s turnkey IoT and Edge sensor solutions extend the value of powerful analytics to any organization and related partner. IoT solutions are inherently complex with many moving parts in its hardware, software, connectivity and service components.

IntelliSense is our sensor procurement and installation team, finding the right combination of hardware and software to meet your desired outcome.                                                                                                                                              Coupled with IntelliSite’s proprietary EdgeLogic computing, DeepLogic cloud based software and DeepInsights customized dashboards – IntelliSite is your most complete end-to-end IoT and Edge solution provider. Providing value to your organization “out of the box.

IntelliSense IoT + Edge Solutions
Use Cases
  • Heuristic Based Monitoring
  • Video surveillance
  • Video monitoring
  • Water filter monitoring
  • Water temperature monitoring
  • Cooling tower monitoring
  • HVAC system monitoring
  • Air handling unit monitoring
  • Air filter monitoring
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Pump monitoring
  • Generator monitoring
  • Waste container/bin monitoring
  • Water tank monitoring
  • Salt tank monitoring

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