Machine Based Monitoring (mBM)

IntelliSite’s mBM, a solution within IntelliSite’s Condition Based Monitoring offering, provides the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of combining video security, IoT sensors, legacy devices, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based remote device management.

Deployed across a wide range of applications ranging from cold storage management to manufacturing floors, IntelliSite’s mBM continually monitors and manages an organization’s most important assets in a secure, compliant, and fully automated manner.

IntelliSite’s mBM solution provides customers with a ruggedized application that is built upon the IntelliSite IoT Platform. The Universal IoT Gateway Platform connects the data collected from various sources, applies artificial intelligence and allows(critical actions to be taken).

Machine Based Monitoring (mBM)
Benefits of IntelliSite’s
mBM solution include
  • Automated 24/7 surveillance of an organization’s most important assets
  • Automated alerts to identify change in temperature, vibration and sound
  • Collected data is used to show compliance and to make smarter decisions
  • Information is delivered on a continual basis within customized portals
  • Can operate as a secure solution independent of corporate network
IntelliSite’s mBM
Solutions Address
  • Cold Storage Management
  • Manufacturing floor plant

Case Study

Case StudyDepartment of Transportation

Case StudyCopper Theft at City Equipment Yard

Case StudyGraffiti & Vandalism at Skate Parks

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