IntelliSite’s wide breadth of IoT solutions create a safer and smarter world.

IntelliSite connects organizations, communities, and cities through the delivery of state-of-the-art surveillance, IoT sensors and artificial intelligence. IntelliSite’s engagements, either direct or through strategic partners, have resulted in significant savings, safer communities and more efficient

IntelliSite’s solutions are built on its open IoT platform that can quickly integrate additional
components and features. IntelliSite’s customers benefit from remote management, customized
portals and actionable insights that drive measurable results.

Benefits of IntelliSite’s IoT Solutions include:

  • Financial

  • Safer Communities

  • Increased Efficiencies


Human Based Monitoring (hBM)

IntelliSite’s hBM, a solution within IntelliSite’s Condition Based Monitoring offering, combines thermal cameras, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based management.

IntelliSite’s hBM recognizes elevated body temperatures in individuals to create actionable outcomes to protect your employees, visitors and ultimately your revenue.

IntelliSite provides a proven solution that has been designed, tested and deployed among a wide range of healthcare, community and private organizations.

With multiple configuration options, IntelliSite customers benefit from continuous monitoring of targeted areas to identify individuals falling outside the defined temperature criteria. IntelliSite’s hBM is scalable and can be deployed as a single unit or across hundreds of locations.

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Human Based Monitoring (hBM)

Machine Based Monitoring (mBM)

IntelliSite’s mBM, a solution within IntelliSite’s Condition Based Monitoring offering, provides the greatest amount of flexibility in terms of combining video security, IoT sensors, legacy devices, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based remote device management.

Deployed across a wide range of applications ranging from cold storage management to manufacturing floors, IntelliSite’s mBM continually monitors and manages an organization’s most important assets in a secure, compliant, and fully automated manner.

IntelliSite’s mBM solution provides customers with a ruggedized application that is built upon the IntelliSite IoT Platform. The Universal IoT Gateway Platform connects the data collected from various sources, applies artificial intelligence and allows(critical actions to be taken).

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Machine Based Monitoring (mBM)

Smart Community as a Service (SCaaS)

IntelliSite’s Smart Community as a Service (SCaaS) brings immediate value to local communities across the country as an affordable monthly subscription.

Delivered as a cloud-based or on-premises solution, IntelliSite SCaaS addresses the needs of today’s communities with the latest state-of-the-art safety and security monitoring solutions.

Focused on deterring crimes and creating safer and more efficient communities, IntelliSite’s turnkey SCaaS includes all hardware, software, cameras, remote monitoring, and ongoing maintenance with no capital expenditure.

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Smart Community as a Service (SCaaS)

Remote Monitoring and Management (rMM)

IntelliSite’s Remote Monitoring and Management service is a core offering to ensuring the safety and protection of IntelliSite’s customers.

IntelliSite’s rMM provides 24/7 monitoring by a professional security team that can engage with the perpetrators remotely, can escalate the engagement to onsite security, or contact local authorities.

IntelliSite’s rMM provides customers with a turnkey solution that has measurable ROI, can enhance onsite security personnel and provide an expandable security perimeter.

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Remote Monitoring and Management (rMM)

IoT Solutions

IntelliSite’s turnkey IoT Platform extends the value to any organization and affiliated partner. IoT solutions are inherently complex with many moving parts in its hardware, software, connectivity and services components.

IntelliSite’s IoT Platform enables use case-based solutions that provide value to organizations “out of the box.”

IntelliSite’s IoT device-centric solutions are delivered via a secure and centralized management platform that can accelerate adoption of IoT technologies and achieve quick ROI in many different business environments.

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IoT Solutions
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