IntelliSite’s wide breadth of IoT solutions create a safer and smarter world.

IntelliSite connects organizations, communities, and cities through the delivery of state-of-the-art surveillance, IoT sensors and artificial intelligence. IntelliSite’s engagements, either direct or through strategic partners, have resulted in significant savings, safer communities and more efficient

IntelliSite’s solutions are built on its open IoT platform that can quickly integrate additional
components and features. IntelliSite’s customers benefit from remote management, customized
portals and actionable insights that drive measurable results.

Benefits of IntelliSite’s IoT Solutions include:

  • Financial

  • Safer Communities

  • Increased Efficiencies


Heuristic Based Monitoring (hBM)

IntelliSite’s Heuristic Based Monitoring (hBM) combines our Deep Vision Artificial Intelligence (Facial Detection and Thermal Uniformity Confidence), DeepLogic Rules Engine enabling multi-sensor and multi-system Integration, DeepInsights federated Visualization, Alerting and Reporting with a third-party FDA Compliant Thermal/Optical Camera to deliver the most complete thermal monitoring solution available.

Intellisite hBM provides enhanced visualization and optimized outcomes for customers by taking the thermal assessment information from the third-party FDA Compliant Thermal/Optical Camera and delivering a more holistic perspective of the assessment provided from the third-party FDA Compliant Thermal/Optical Camera. hBM does this by ensuring the assessment was aligned to an individual (Facial Detection) and that the assessment is analyzed for uniformity (Thermal Uniformity Confidence – Patent Pending) thereby filtering out thermal “noise” and artifacts that could cause false positives.

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Heuristic Based Monitoring (hBM)

Smart Community as a Service (SCaaS)

IntelliSite’s Smart Community as a Service (SCaaS) brings immediate value to local communities across the country as an affordable monthly subscription.

Delivered as a cloud-based or on-premises solution, IntelliSite SCaaS addresses the needs of today’s communities with the latest state-of-the-art safety and security monitoring solutions.

Focused on deterring crimes and creating safer and more efficient communities, IntelliSite’s turnkey SCaaS includes all hardware, software, cameras, remote monitoring, and ongoing maintenance with no capital expenditure.

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Smart Community as a Service (SCaaS)

IntelliCare Management Services

IntelliSite’s Remote Monitoring and Management service is a core offering to ensuring the safety and protection of IntelliSite’s customers.

IntelliSite’s rMM provides 24/7 monitoring by a professional security team that can engage with the perpetrators remotely, can escalate the engagement to onsite security, or contact local authorities.

IntelliSite’s rMM provides customers with a turnkey solution that has measurable ROI, can enhance onsite security personnel and provide an expandable security perimeter.

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IntelliCare Management Services

IntelliSense IoT + Edge Solutions

IntelliSite's turnkey IoT and Edge sensor solutions extend the value of powerful analytics to any organization and related partner. IoT solutions are inherently complex with many moving parts in its hardware, software, connectivity and service components.

IntelliSense is our sensor procurement and installation team, finding the right combination of hardware and software to meet your desired outcome.                                                                                                                                              Coupled with IntelliSite's proprietary EdgeLogic computing, DeepLogic cloud based software and DeepInsights customized dashboards - IntelliSite is your most complete end-to-end IoT and Edge solution provider. Providing value to your organization "out of the box.

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IntelliSense IoT + Edge Solutions
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